How It Works

Personal Advising that Focuses on the Individual

At Embark Center, each member is paired with a personal advisor. This relationship will become the key element of the youth member’s experience.  Through regular meetings, the advisor helps the member envision a unique plan that includes tutorials, classes, and community involvement. Our dedicated advisors focus on our members as unique individuals by helping them answer several questions: What do I love? What are my goals? What are my strengths? What are my challenges? This is where our work begins.

Family Conferences

Leaving school is a big step in the life of a young person and that person’s family. Embark Center provides the ongoing support and resources to make this journey successful, efficient, and meaningful. The advisor and youth member will meet with the family three times per year, minimally, to set goals and review successes. If the member is under 16 years, the advisor will help create a written plan for submission to the local superintendent of schools. It is the superintendent who will certify the youth member as a homeschooler, which allows the student under 16 to legally leave school.

Classes, Workshops, and Tutorials

The Center will be open four days per week and will maintain a calendar of classes, workshops, and tutorials. The classes are determined by the needs and interests of our members in coordination with the skills and interests of our staff. Our staff consists of full time core staff as well as volunteers from the community. In addition, one-on-one tutorials are offered in a wide range of areas.